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Here is another 'lost episode' now found from 12/08/2005 (Running Time: 1 Hours 13 Minutes)

We will be posting more episodes recently found that were never released, along with vintage hotline audio going back as much as ten years! Enjoy.

RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download our 12/08/2005 episode now.

CLICK HERE to listen to the 12/08/2005 episode online.



Remember: This episode is from 12/08/2005; when the show was known as The Minority Report. So obviously the content sucked pretty bad, and the 'chemistry' between Doin Tony and Kevin Castle hadn't developed yet. Plus as you will hear, the audio quality was rather prehistoric at that time.

Even though we will never be satisfied with the quality of the show and will always strive to improve it, I think the show (both content and audio) has improved substantially since this episode occurred in December 2005.

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