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  • Spike TV backs out on Mick Foley sitcom. When you think about the horrible sh** Spike airs, for them to reject this project it must have been the drizzling sh**s. If that's bad, wait until you hear what Mick Foley did to the director who busted his a** trying to make this project work..
  • Start the rumors now. Triple H and his title will move to Raw while Edge will stay on Smackdown. Even though there will be quite a bit of brand jumping until the next WWE Draft (8 days after Wrestlemania)..
  • Thank you Nicholas Cage for turning down the lead role in the movie 'The Wrestler'. Lord knows what would have happened to that film if he was the star. And we don't mean that in a complimentary way..
  • Ashley 'Crackhead Smurf' Massaro is at it again. This time, this dumb di*e calls a 13 year old wrestling fan on Myspace a cu**. Can someone give this rat some Peanut Butter from that tainted plant? A message for Ashley 'Lita' Massaro and a prediction as to what she will do next..
  • Bret Hart starts to comment on The Wrestler movie in a blog. After sentence three, the entire article turns into a Bret Hart documentary..
  • Gotta love last week's episode. Don Tony and Kevin Castle profess to TNA they need to release some lower card talent now. Next day, TNA releases Lance Hoyt, Petey Williams, and some other no name talent. Last week we dispelled the stupid rumors of Christian not signing with WWE and that he would debut very soon. Next day, he's on ECW. Now what do we tell TNA to do next? Tune in..
  • Laughing once again at Chris Harris. Its a shame people like this get air time. Wait until you hear the stupid jargon he's saying this week..
  • Message to everyone who thinks Christian is being punished by being brought back to TV as a part of ECW: Shut the f*** up morons. Can you say CM Punk? Bobby Lashley? DT and KC go much further than that..
  • Ric Flair appearing at ROH shows. Lets hope ROH fans understand what this actually is. Because Cary Silken is blowing a lot of smoke up fans' asses with his press release. LOL Cary blows a lot more than just smoke..
  • Don Tony's message to WWE: Old School's Kool! Merch it..
    Funks and Von Erichs are the newest inductees to 2009 WWE Hall Of Fame. This by far is the best HOF class yet. DT and KC sing the praise..
  • Remembering the death of Louie Spicolli, who passed away 11 years ago this past Sunday..
  • If WWE would have had a different match than Swagger / Finley on the No Way Out PPV, it would have been considered the best PPV in years for WWE. Outside Wrestlemania of course..
    Looking at the ECW debut of TJ Wilson, and how stupid DH Smith must feel right now for bitching about The Bulldogs..
  • Don Tony sh**s on Kozlov's lack of ring awareness during the PPV..
  • Recently we were reminded of Bruiser Brody when we watched Mike Knox. Don Tony now thinks of Gene Snitsky when he sees Knox on Raw..
  • Congratulations to Al Snow and Bobcat on their marriage. We don't know them personally at all. But doesnt that relationship seem a bit odd for some reason? With that said, DT remembers one interesting night involving Bobcat and a wrestling promotion..
  • Kevin Castle praises the SNME DVD set. It's a must buy..
  • DT and KC look back at the Hogan and Bret Hart eras in WWE and why this current focus on 'kiddie friendly programming' could become a big problem..
  • Condolences to the families and friends of the victims involved in the Buffalo NY plane crash. And keeping those affected by the Brush fires in Australia in our prayers..
  • As we told you last month, just like the Edge DVD set, the Randy Savage DVD set will not have any documentary. The difference with the two is that WWE will eventually have fans 'Double Dip' on another Edge set in a few years. Macho Man though will not have another set released until he and WWE mend issues..
  • Did Heath Ledger's character as Joker in The Dark Knight rip off Brandon Lee and The Crow?..
  • Look at TNA's new image as the Over 40 club. Why hasn't TNA pursued young stars like Chris Masters, Elijah Burke, Kenny Dykstra, and others in favor of horrible talent like Consequences Creed, Eric Young, and others..
  • Something tells us Jeff Jarrett is erect with the idea of bringing on Bob Holly..
  • Looking at LAX re-signing with TNA for three more years..
  • The Jeff Hardy 'I wont hit my brother' storyline has kicked out rather sh**y. Let's hope they can amp this up a notch next week. If Matt Hardy wants to show up Paul London, then deliver a stellar performance in this angle. Stop with this dopey rants on the net..
  • How great was Roddy Piperâs promo on Monday? It was his best work in years..
  • We share the best Wrestlemanias of all time, in our opinions of course.
  • We enjoy all of Jim Cornetteâs shoot interviews; we just donât like him in TNA. Also, showing the praise for the Col. DeBeers and Brickhouse Brown shoots, and the anticipation of a Victoria shoot interview in the near future.
  • Our .02 on FCW talent.. Our all time Wrestlemania favorites.. Jim Cornette Shoot Interviews.. HHH vs Orton, Undertaker / WM, remakes of horror flicks, Otto The Auto Pilot, plus chatroom questions, emails, and much more..
Hosted by Anthony 'Don Tony' DeBlasi and Kevin Castle


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